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  • Sage Chips - Follow my blog with Bloglovin This is one of my favorite recipes from the garden. You should try them too. They’re yummy. For the best Sage Chips, I grow Salvia officinalis ‘Berggarten’. Prepare the Sage Cut a bunch of fresh … Continued
  • Garden Advice Via Google Helpouts - In November 2013, Google launched a new service called Helpouts, which is a way to ask real people for help in real time. Rather than simply typing your query into a search bar and hoping to find an informative article, you … Continued
  • Tough Plants for Tough Love Gardeners - I call the following plants “Tough Love Plants” because I am not a very attentive gardener. I don’t water very much, because I don’t like to have a high water bill. I don’t fertilize like I should. I turn my … Continued
  • Why Tough Love? - For years, when discussing my approach to gardening and landscape maintenance, my friends have referred to me as a ” tough love ” gardener. What that means is that I tend to take a Darwinian approach to life in my … Continued